Do It Different

Sustainability opens the door to a new type of living. Different is freedom.

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And do it your way.

“It’s always the first step that is the hardest, and then you realise how simple and fuss-free sustainability can be. “

We used to get laughed out of shops, owners telling us that are products weren’t refined enough. But the baristas always knew. Cyclists knew. We always knew. These were legit, and made good sustainable sense.

We’d ride around the Inner North of Melbourne and talk to every cafe that would offer us the time. It was the knowing ones that helped to support our little crusade. To make products that made a better difference.

Rubber + Cuppy / Sustainability

Reduce x2.
Reduce x2.

More Words.

We Care About Details…

Each Rubber Cuppy is handcrafted and signed by it’s maker. Inside you’ll find the details of who your maker is and where your inner tube has been sourced from. No two Cuppy’s are alike. Handmade in Melbourne. Eco friendly. Reusable. Glass Coffee Cups.

You Gave Feedback, We Listened

We recently asked for feedback from some sustainable heads in Australia, asking them how we can continue to improve Rubber Cuppy to ensure we’re offering the best sustainable product. And they gave us some great insights! One thing we’ve recently changed is the plastic sticky tape that fixes the shipping labels onto the box. Why […]

Inner City Mum Life

Mumma’s have forever been the home champions when it comes to life hacks and real deal tips and tricks. And there are alot of cool Mumma’s out there that are showing us (well me), that life can look alot lighter and carefree with the less is more approach. Yes, I see you- getting around on […]